1. Executive Rewards and its partners have the right to change, limit, modify or cancel program rules, regulations, rewards, and reward levels at any time. That includes increasing levels or number of points received for a stay or required for a reward, changing rewards, adding blackout dates, limiting rooms available for a reward or owner stay at any participating hotel, changing locations served by Executive or its travel partners, or changing or cancelling its travel partner rewards. In the event that any of these conditions occur, members may not be able to obtain certain rewards.

2. Executive Group has the right to end the Executive Rewards program by providing written notice to members three months in advance of program termination. In that event, the right to earn points and rewards can end three months after notification, no matter the extent of member participation in the program.

3. Executive Rewards points and rewards earned through participating in Executive Rewards may be subject to tax liability. Any tax liability, including disclosure, connected with the receipt or use of Executive Rewards points or rewards is the responsibility of the member.

4. In the case of fraud or abuse involving Executive Rewards use at a participating hotel, Executive Group and its travel partners have the right to take appropriate administrative and/or legal action, and all points and certificates earned through Executive Rewards will be forfeited and the account canceled.

5. Membership in the Executive Rewards Club including points or any reward certificates or owner stay privileges that may have been issued to a member, will be revoked or suspended at the Executive Group’s sole discretion if a member fails to pay any bills, taxes or accounts when due.

6. The awarding of Executive Rewards points, and the redemption of Executive Rewards certificates are void where prohibited by law.

7. Executive Hotels Participating in Executive Rewards: Executive Plaza, Inn, Express Hotels, Resorts and Suites; participating VIP Hotel properties.

8. Points accrued by an Executive Rewards member are for the member’s benefit only and may not be transferred to anyone. Points are transferable to a legal spouse only in the case of documented death of the member. Points are not transferable to another person for any other reason including divorce or inheritance.

9. The Executive Rewards Club is operated by Executive Inn Inc.

10. Executive Reward Club Participants may have black out dates when no redemption of points will be possible – black out dates will be for a maximum period of 8 weeks in a year.



1. Only individuals are eligible for Executive Rewards membership, and each individual may maintain only one account. Corporations, groups and/or associated entities may not enroll as Executive Rewards members. When traveling on business, it is the member’s responsibility to comply with his or her company’s policy concerning travel programs.

2. Employees of Executive Inn Inc. Executive Inn Group Corporation , HARS systems Inc.,VIP International Corporation and their subsidiaries are ineligible to participate in Executive Rewards.

3. After applying to the Executive Rewards program, a membership number will be assigned to each applicant. Upon receiving this number, an individual becomes eligible to earn Executive Rewards points through the Executive Rewards Club.


1. Name and address changes must be made to Executive Club Rewards and must include supporting legal documentation, signature, date, and member account number.


The information that you supply to Executive is confidential and protected, and is only used in compliance with applicable laws and corporate policy. We will only disclose this information to Executive Inn Group Corporation’s group of companies on a need-to-know basis, person(s) authorized by you, travel partners, Executive affiliates, and mail houses that process mail for such entities for the following purposes: 1) in order to best service your account and preferences, 2) to assess your entitlement to benefits, 3) to collect and process charges incurred by you in Executive facilities, and 4) to offer you additional products and services. Records of previous stays may be transferred for any of these purposes. The information used for these purposes may be obtained from this application, your hotel stays, surveys and research, and outside marketing organizations.


1. A “hotel stay” or “stay” means all consecutive nights a Executive Rewards member registers and pays and stays at any Participating Hotel .

2. Members may only earn points for the stay. Points are issued per stay, not per night.


1. A member will be eligible to receive Executive Rewards points for paid room rates in a participating hotel. Purchase of Executive gift certificates, charges for Executive contracting services, and catering or banquet functions charged to the guest room account do not qualify for points. Food & other changes do not qualify for points.

Point Structure Per Hotel Brand: Based per Stay.

Participating Executive Hotels, Resorts and Suites and Participating VIP hotels with a minimum of 300 points per stay.

2. Points will not be given, nor rewards honored, at any subsidiary or affiliate of Executive Inn Inc. or VIP hotels and car rentals other than Participating Hotels, unless otherwise advertised. If a hotel ceases to be a Participating Hotel, all stays subsequent to such date will not be eligible to earn Executive Rewards points regardless of when the reservation was made.

3. The member is eligible to receive points for staying at any Executive Rewards Participating Hotel if the room is reserved in his/her name and is personally occupied and paid for by the member, and the member has presented the Executive Rewards membership card at the time of check-in. Failure to show the membership card may result in points not being posted.

4. Points will not be earned for an Executive stay made prior to the date the member’s application was processed as shown in our records. No retroactive credit will be given.

5. If an Executive Rewards member at check-in chooses to earn Executive Rewards points, the member may not earn points in any other frequent traveler program for the same stay.

6. Executive Rewards Club points can only awarded through direct bookings; this includes booking online, over the phone or through the Executive Hotels & Resorts website. Any OTA-related booking is not allowed to earn Executive Rewards Club points.

7. A member is not eligible to receive points for rooms in addition to the member’s personal guest room.

8. No other person except the member may earn points for his/her account, and restrictions apply to the transfer or combining of points with any other account. Points for a room shared by two Executive Rewards members will only be awarded to one Executive Rewards member.

9. Points accrued by an Executive Rewards member are for the member’s benefit only and may not be transferred to anyone.

10. Point accrual is limited to individual travel. If a member attends a convention or group meeting and individually pays Executive directly for the room, he/she will be eligible to receive points for the stay. However, contract rooms, rooms reserved by corporations on an ongoing basis, master-billed rooms and rooms booked at the Executive associate or friends and family rates are not eligible to earn points. Points earned from room contracts or military rates at certain overseas locations are subject to local restrictions and may be ineligible for credit. Wholesale packages and series tours booked through a travel agent are not eligible for points.

11. When a Executive Rewards member chooses to earn points, if eligible, through the sales office for a group, he/she forfeits the option of earning points for his/her personal room.

1. A Executive Rewards member will receive a transaction statement at the time of point issue and possibly an Executive Rewards electronic newsletter only if the member has earned points or claimed rewards during the previous four to eight weeks. Individual statements cannot be duplicated.

2. A member may, in the future, register to view his/her account activity online by clicking on Your Account at the Executive Rewards website. Once registered, a member may view his/her account activity at any time. Note: For recent hotel stays, please allow 10-14 business days after checkout for your stay to be posted.

3. If proper point credit does not appear on the member’s statement, the member may send a copy of the paid hotel receipt, along with the Executive Rewards account number to an address posted at the website for inquiries. Allow approximately four to six weeks for the stay to be credited to the account. Requests to add or modify Executive stays that are more than one year from the date of receipt cannot be accommodated.


1. If more than one membership number is assigned to an individual, he/she will only receive points for one account. Duplicate accounts will be canceled. Enrollment bonuses (if applicable) are given for one account only.

2. Transferring Points to a Spouse Account is not permitted.
(This member benefit may be available in the future.)



1. When using reward points for a hotel stay, the member must confirm reservations in advance by calling the hotel property directly or Executive Reservations central number (1-888-388-3932) and advising the reservation agent that he/she wishes to use reward points to make a reservation. Payment using a reward points must be confirmed with the hotel or with Executive Reservations at time of reservation. Reservations can only be made if availability for Executive Rewards based stays exists. Certain blackout periods or increased point requirements may apply for certain dates. To make a reservation Member must provide their account number and other relevant personal information for verification. After confirming a reservation, the Member must show their card upon check in.

2. Reward reservations may only be made in the above manner and if the required number of Executive points are present in the member’s account at the time of booking. The member’s signature, daytime phone number, date, and member account number must be included on all written requests.


1. Rewards are valid only in connection with individual travel and are not applicable to group travel, package tours, conventions, or other special rates and/or package programs.


1. When checking in to a participating hotel, the member must present their Executive Rewards Member card and indicate that he/she intends to pay for the room in full or partially with the points of such card. Photo identification is required at check-in. Hotels reserve the right to refuse redemption upon reaching 80% capacity.

2. Rewards are not replaceable nor redeemable for cash.

3. Rewards are valid only for the individual noted on the member card and are not transferable, unless otherwise noted in this Agreement.

4. Redemption at destinations outside the U.S. is subject to government approvals, restrictions, and applicable taxes and/or service charges. Rewards do not include U.S. federal inspection fees, or any other fees, surcharges, or taxes imposed by foreign governments for international travel.